Sunday, July 2, 2017

Why Don't We All Just Love One Another?

I've asked that question a thousand times, if not more - and even did a video about it - and the question (I think) is one worth asking.  So--why don't we all just love one another?

Have you ever thought about what would happen if we did just that - loved one another?  I think our world would change - and for the better.  Love is often a seed you plant and a gift you give.  Loving someone is never easy because it will always bring with it a rocky road or two somewhere down the line - it is love that makes us stay the course with someone when the road is rocky or when someone is sick or injured and things are not the way they used to be.

Hatred accomplishes nothing - all it does is plant a seed for evil while love seeks to uplift, to change and to embrace someone.  And that's what we should do - we should love one another and embrace one another in spite of our differences.

In one way or another, we're all different and that makes us unique in a rather special way.  We can learn from each other when we listen with an open mind and an open heart - and realize that our differences can unite us and not divide us.  Division accomplishes nothing except to widen the divide.  

What can our differences teach us?  What can we learn from someone who is different from us? If we would all just love one another then perhaps we wouldn't find people thrown under the bridge and living in cardboard boxes.  Perhaps if we would love one another, the suicide rate and the crime would drop drastically.

We need to uplift other people and encourage them - to let them know it's okay to be different, to sing a song that's different than the one we sing.  

There are so many wars that divide us and destroy us - both as a people and a nation - there is the wars that are the open conflicts - the wars where soldiers go off to battle and sometimes they return and sometimes they don't.  There is the war that rages within someone's soul - when they feel judged, or thrown away or made to feel less than who they really are.  Love is more than a bandage put upon a wound - its the healing salve that changes a person forever when it is truly given.

I've always felt that hatred is a seed that divides us but is also the seed that breeds evil.  I think most of us would agree that we would prefer to live in peace - peace as a nation, but peace within our own world.  Love carries many burdens - and often the burdens of someone else.

It's worth saying that if you are reading these pages, believe in yourself and love yourself for who you are and what you are - place value upon who you are and share the love with someone else.  Give of yourself, in love, to make your world - and our world - a better world. 

Love can begin in small steps - by picking up the telephone and calling someone who is lonely, alone or grieving over a recent passing of a loved one.  Love someone by embracing them instead of throwing them away.  Love begins by accepting someone for who they are rather than trying to change them.  Love is often best known by its actions - those actions of a helping hand, kindness, those sorts of things.

Love begs us to listen and it begs us to give and to understand even when it might be difficult to do so. I've often said we judge what we do not know and we judge what we cannot see.  Look beyond what you can see in a person and look for the good that is there - make it a point to uplift someone instead of tearing them down. Tearing people down destroys walls and it destroys lives. Love and uplifting someone tells a man or woman that he or she is worthy just the way he (or she) is.  And love says it's okay to be who you are.

Love will often find its way to end a conflict faster than all the arguments in the world.  And love will often a person on their knees in the midst of battle, holding the rope for someone who would otherwise be thrown away.

Why don't we just all love one another? Hold the rope for someone else.  Be their anchor in the middle of the storm.  Be their light when they think there is no hope.  Be their voice when they cannot speak and tell their story when no one else will.  Hold their hand in the storms of life and when they emerge from the other side of the storm, be there, waiting for them with all the love you can give and with outstretched arms.

Love is fragile, just like life and love is a gift. Cherish it where ever you may find it and when you respond to the question why don't we just all love one another?  you will find that love not only changes the person to whom you give it - but it changes you.  Changing one person's life, one person at a time, can change the world in which you live.

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  1. very right life is very fragile and we need to hold it like an egg. thanks larn...